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Seminars + Speaking

Do you have a seminar you would like to bring to life? Or material you need to collaborate on to complete? Are you looking for voice to share in your aligned workshop or presentation?

Whether it is a panel style or solo speaker presentation, a seminar, or a workshop, I want to hear about it! Connect with me below.

Some of my previous seminars included

  • How To Be - Working with groups to find harmony in their home

  • Tapping into a Creative State

  • Finding your voice as a designer

  • How to Apply the Principles of Minimalism

Classroom Teaching

I am currently fulfilling one of my dreams by teaching a class at Lasalle College, Vancouver. Currently, I am teaching a 3D Design class where I am helping my students find their creative, find themselves as designers and teaching them to think conceptually.

Connect with me below and let me know how I can support you.