about | bringing my love for all things home + happiness together


Sahra Samnani founded SMD in 2015 with the purpose of providing more than traditional interior design. Our team provided full lifestyle design from interiors, collaborative architecture, landscape, graphics and heck, even fashion. We focused our approach around our philosophy of “comfortable minimalism”. We approached our designs with a deep sense of purpose and did our best to devise meaningful solutions. Through that process, we discovered a greater purpose we wanted to fulfill. We wanted to teach our clients to find happiness in their own homes.

The next evolution of SMD brought How To Be to life in 2018. Our goal with h.t.be was to make daily living more enjoyable for everyone. We wanted people to enjoy their lives in their home, make design approachable/affordable for everyone and to teach people the art of ‘being’ - of rituals and living well. We created the 're.program' to provide meaningful, affordable and approachable design solutions. Our goal is to teach our clients to honour self and home. We teach 'home life' and what it can bring internally for each individual. All in all, we are trying our best to bring harmony to the home by promoting wellness through the home through mind, body, and soul.

My desire to help people find happiness in their home has evolved over the past into much more than just the re.program. SahraSamnani.com is a deeper step into my creative and aspirations in all aspects while bringing all of our design practice, experiences, travels, and learnings to one plane. Welcome and take a look at what myself and my team are working on.