Our design studio has evolved many times. We began as SMD (Sahra Minaz Designs) where our primary focus was residential and commercial interior design. However over the years we have moulded our design practice into the now thriving studio.  Our heart and soul now flows into our design work as well as our principals for bringing harmony into the home. We do everything from Interior Design, to Architectural and Landscape design.



Deciding to redesign your home can sometimes be a little intimidating. You want to change your space but the time commitment, financial investment and learning curve can feel like too much.

Lately we’ve been getting more and more people asking for design advice. Sometimes you don’t want a big overhaul, all you want is a little bit of help making your home look and feel more beautiful .

This prompted us to create : re.program by

It’s a simple three tiered system that brings home design to you in an approachable and affordable way. Please visit us below.



You could say “home”  is one of my favourite words in the English language. What is home? It is quiet space we rest, relax and rejuvenate. It is our place in the world, which we feel ownership over, and ideally a place where we are always welcome.  It is the container environment in which we heal in when we are ill, where we being out families and often in later age- where we spent our final days. Regardless of you definition of home- or what place feels most “home-like” to you, it should be in order, comfortable and bring you a sense of peace and joy. home aims to provide a concise and clear guide for brining harmony into your home life through nurturing the mind, body and soul.

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Goods, tools, supplies. Our home goods are designed to help foster restorative home rituals. Using the teachings from home, we’ve created a set of beautiful and well crafted tools to help nurture your mind, body and soul in the home.

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